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To recap since the BMS's response is banned. They basically are not admitting fault. And he keeps gong off on a tangent saying that I think I invented the clutch stop when I clearly never said that. What I did invent was the first “easy to install adjustable E90 clutch stop”.

With regards to the use of my photos, he claims that it was his webmasters fault. Why would a webmaster post pictures of my clutch stop when you swear you created it on your own. If you did make it one day at home depot, wouldn't you give pictures to the webmaster to post? can a webmaster post pictures of something that didn't exist until you just put it together? Makes no sense to me....but I guess it does to some.

For those who love BMS, more power to you. Keep at it.

I've informed the public of my situation and they can judge for themselves. The pictures are worth a thousand words.

Like I have said and updated in my original post, they've taken down my pictures. There's nothing else I expect from a Company like that.

I'm happy to be a part of such a good BMW community. Thanks for the support and understanding.