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Question 100% UNDECIDED about a K&N drop in cone filter.....any thoughts?

E90 2006 325i - I was planning on replacing my standard paper filter with a K&N drop in cone filter to give the engine a bit more breathability, but having read many many conflicting threads on, now I'm not so sure!

What is the general feeling of "yeah go for it, it'll improve performance, sound great and help your engine breathe" versus "don't bother, it's not worth the money, the K&N's will allow more particulates through the filter that will go through the engine and end up in your oil as a mild abrasive"

In all honesty, I'm not fussed about performance gains (an increase in MPG would be nice!) but care more about giving the engine the least restrictive air supply as possible. I quiet like some of the additional sounds from the engine bay that can be associated with a K&N but wouldn't do the swap just for that reason!

Lastly, can the oil from the K&N interfere with the MAF?


Any thoughts appreciated.
Cheers, JB
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