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Originally Posted by LRJohnson110
Hi all,

I have a 07 335xi CPO car. Absolutely love the car !!! Only have 60,000 miles on her. The CPO is do to run out this time next year. I have never had to service the car myself.

Therefore I would like some advise or input on maintaining the car myself because it seems costly via BMW.

I would say I am a pretty decent mechanic with general maintenance on all of my other cars/trucks prior to this one.

Lastly, Should I keep it or Trade it in on a newer CPO

General / Thoughts / Comments

Thanks in advance

It depends on data only you know and have. Like how much you make, how much discretionary income you have, how much you really love your car, how long you want to keep it, what you want to do with it, whether or not its your daily driver, etc.

For me, the n54 simply could not be replaced with an n55 without feeling depressed. Thats why I will keep this as long as I can, always using the best fluids I can maintain it with, upgrading everything that wears or things I break, etc.

If you want to modify it aggressively and love it a ton and also want to keep it for a long time, expect the car's total cost to own, maintain and play with to exceed what you paid for it and thensome.

Also, get a bavarian technic cable so that you can diagnose the car yourself.