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Originally Posted by cirocksf View Post
im just saying there is no clean factor in your car. just lose the hood scoop and get better wheels. and no more strip. and il loook way better
its all good man..i like it the way it is...i want to get that unique look separating it from the crowd...i could have just lowered it down and put adv1wheels on it and call it a day...i like the look of the bmw performance i just added a twist on it..and besides hood can be replaced if i get bored and stripes can be pilled off...i like the wheels its cheap and looks first choice is one that you have bbs...but then to many of have a e92 you lowered it and put rims on it...dont get me wrong it looks sick..but almost half of cali has the same set up...just different taste i say...

Originally Posted by A///MG_Power View Post
looks great! love all the BMW Performance bits! where did you get the BMW Performance emblem on the trunk?
Thanks them online tischer...adds 20hp in your car...LOL

Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
looks good except i think you could get better wheels
the wheels i really want is so expensive...this will do good for now...

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The stripe works well. I think painting the stock calipers gloss black will really help bring the contrast to the wheels out. Great choice in wheel color (Glad you didn't do black). The scoop is the only thing I'm on the fence about. Not that you care, but I think it would look better with a stock hood. Nice car, congrats!
Originally Posted by SacksLax View Post
Ok, I lied...I like the scoop. I used to own a Subie though, so I'm partial
LOL...its takes a while to like my hood...but thank brotha...