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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
JetBlackE46 - I think anyone with a shroud of impartiality can see what went on here. I commend you for coming on here and making this public. You made the right call.

To those of you diehard BMS supporters, it's really time you rub your eyes and see the light. BMS has made a business of copying other companies ideas and spreading fallacies about the original innovator's product. There is an endemic pattern that has happened time and time again. I encourage those you have made misinformed posts in this thread to do a little searching and learn more. Support innovation, it's how we as a community are going to move forward.

E90post is a place where good-sense prevails. The only divisions in this community are created by individuals who refuse to abide by the tenants of common-sense and civility.

So you're saying that when a company comes out with a product that costs 50$ to make and sells it for 800$+ because of the "BMW" tax. Another company see's that they can make it for the same amount but only charge 400$, they shouldn't do that because they would be "copying" another product?

We live in a free economy, if someone else can make the same quality product at half the price then it gets done. Happens everywhere.