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Guys you have to slow down here, you are making a big deal over a ridiculous amount of money. You are all complaining about BMS copying products. If they do, it is like any business in the world, and if they make the product better and cheaper they win the business. Like any company.
Reading most of your posts it looks like you would buy a Chevy if they were the first company to invent cars? And if BMW would have started to make cars later one, you would say BMW stole the idea from Chevy?, and say "oh I will never buy BMW then"...
It is a very basic example but it is the reality, Guys, open your eyes, it's the business world...
If BMS used the pictures from the OP, it is not acceptable, but they might have thought it wasn't a big deal as I don't think BMS makes a lot of money on it, after paying a warehouse and employees... Most of the people here running their own business probably understand, for those still at school, you will later.

You guys probably don't realize how hard it is to build a business and a brand. BMS is selling great products for a fraction of the price most of the time. Instead of bashing them like you all do on this thread, try to run your own company and do like Terry does, try to answer emails within two hours, even when the questions are silly, any days of the week...

Personally I've had only great experiences with BMS, and I haven't seen many companies having a customer support like the have. My JB4 had an issue one day, I overnighted it to BMS, they changed what was wrong with it and had it the next day. Free of charge, and I bought mine used... Who does that?

OP I understand your frustration and it is true that BMS could be in touch with you and apologize, or maybe send you a pair of new DPs for the inconvenience. But for the other guys on this forum, please take it easy on a company doing everything they can for us, BMW enthusiasts...