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Originally Posted by EricP3 View Post
So I have had my 2008 335i coupe for about 2 months and most of the strange things I've noticed I have been able to find that most people experience these same issues. Below is my list of issues I have noticed that I have searched for and not found a definite answer:

1. When I hit my auto up on the windows and sunroof and turn off my engine while they are going, sometimes they stop and sometimes they go back down. I still have the key fob in the slot, this is just hitting the engine off button.

2. The insides of my windows are never clean. When I roll them down and back up I get a ton of streaks on them.

3. It looks like I have some negative camber on the rear wheels, is this normal?

I also have the slight shaking of the car at idle sometimes, the passenger side of my car is slightly lower than the drivers side, brake squeak, and short keyfob distance. I have found threads about these ones on the site.

All in all I love my 335i! Just trying to see if anyone else has noticed these things.

Slight shaking of the car at idle is normal. Same thing on my car. I freaked at first, but all of them do that. If you actually sit in the passenger side and don't feel the steering wheel with the pedals, the shaking isn't there. It's just the awesome sensitivity of the car's feedback, really. Key fob distance is disappointing. My mom's Nissan reaches twice as far, almost. Not sure about other things you mentioned.
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