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Fawkin Hawt. Jizzed Everywhereee
use microfiber towel

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love your car and nice write up! big props to ltmw for being able to transform your whole car
Only sky is the limit

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This was when I never met the King Of Diffffuzzzzzzzzzorrrrrrrrr Naoooooooooooosssss!

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I have a feeling this is going to be on the homepage soon! Great job Darren!
you think so? Thanks man

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And this is why so many BMWs go to LTMW as they have done amazing work on your car. You inspired me with the AW performance look I want m3 rear quarter panels NAOOO!
Thanks man, means alot to me. M3 quarter panel sounds good haha

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Definitely my all time favorite E90. I loved every transformation and every stage of this car. You've definitely inspired a lot of the things I do to my own car. Great thread and I can't wait to see what you have planned for the future of this car. Great job as always, Darren!

As always, LTMW is the place to go!
Your E90 is tastefully modded and looks great! I am glad that my build helped with your build Thanks Marvin

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this is awesome. its like watching a baby grow up and make to the nba. dope thread.
I know right? I was going through all these photos and i felt good...real real good. Good memories.

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So much win! Great job in transforming your car. And props to LTMW as well. I wish I lived close by.
Ship it

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So how much offset do you gain from reversing the LMs faces? and did you end up using spacers for even more of an aggressive stance??? I'm considering doing it on my LM-Rs...
I PM'd you back but I am not sure if you can do the same to your LM-R...sorry I couldn't give you an better answer.

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Great pictures and write up! Surprised I'm on the first page. Always excited to click on a thread with your screen name on it.
Thank you so much, hearing something like this makes my day!

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best look. M3 bumper, yellow brembos, Graphite Volks.. IMO

Respect for the work and money you put into it..
My personal favorite has to be...1M front/slek lip, BBS E88, Quad exhaust, CSL trunk. Just gotta put them together

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i am speechless, for the i lost count how many times
Thanks Jz!

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Inspirational. I think that word best describes your car for any E90 owner on here.

'nuff said.
only on e90post, people will tell me "Inspirational." usual people tells me "International."

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Amazing build!

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Amazing journey
I saw you were in So.Cal...Taken 3 was about to happen if you stayed any longer

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Fuckin sick man! Awesome build!!

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Your car has come a Long (see what I did there? heh) way!
Aside from the Time Attacks, I loved every transformation you had made on your E90.
Like I've said before, everytime I see "Creaminz" in the thread subject, I get giddy.
I see what you did there

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Props to you for having such an amazing car and props to the LTMW crew for all their amazing work!

This is one of my most favorite shots on the forum...

Team work baby!! and yes that is some great ass shot