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Originally Posted by Blindside_137 View Post
My favorite threads are the ones that start with LT and end in z.

Truly amazing what transformation has been constantly in motion with this car.

I still think the graphite Volks worked the best!! Haha
LT and end in Z nice one.

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Graphite Volks without the wing gets my vote.
gotta love them Volks!!

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I like them all except the time attack wheels, so many nice setups of the same car!
But that thing was so light, I loved driving on them...Volks are sick.

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InB4 30 pages.

Darren you've been an inspiration and endless piggy bank for ideas and conceptualization (because you NEED a piggy bank for just those wheel setups alone ). I will saw that the AW with the M3 rear panels widebody with the LM's was one of my favorite looks on your car. Keep up the excellent work, never seen anyone push the envelope with the E90 platform like you.

Just don't buy an F30.
conceptual...i...zati..on? give me a sec, let me look it up first. is that a word or a sentence Oh trust me, if I had AW E90 M3, it would have been sitting on BBS LMs....just like one that Long Tran had it...that car is perfection. and yes hate or love, I did do some few things that no one else would do

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I kind of want to see him get an F30 because I want to see how he will transform that.
It will look just like LTMW F30

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darren we feel like we were part of your cars build life. i am honored. hahaha
it is my honor to represent E90post!

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I've followed the transformation of this thing ever since the huge one that got you to the porsche grey. your car is the reason I started seriously modding my e90. You're and inspiration to us all Creaminz. Amazing work and vision by you and the guys at ltmw
Thanks for the kind words, I couldn't have done it without other peoples before me who modded their E9x, so it is like me giving back to the e90 community. And I am glad I did it right with LTMW that a lot of you think my car is inspirational. That is all I need to hear. Happy.

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Amazing ride as always
Thank you

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i wanna see updated pics of the new exhaust.
I will get some pics tomorrow

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Awesome write-up of you car's history.

Is this the world most modded e90, counting all the different stages.
most modded? hmmm i'm not sure but i'm sure most stages went through with just one car

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I remember when it was white and I came out to the Botak meet to see if I should get a 335i or not. We all know how that ended up! Awesome build Darren and thanks for being my inspiration!!!
You are others inspiration now Mike. Probably the most hardcore track'd our E90 owned by an individual on this forum. Glad to see another E90 335i LCI representing hard! Fully functional! Love your E90.

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insane build!

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such a nice car

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These pics infected me with the mod bug again Darren. Back to LTMW I go.
Hahahahaha yes it worked!!

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absolutely amazing. So many beautiful sets of wheels...cant even decide which ones I like the most
for me...either HRE C93 or BBS E88. I guess I like fat lips