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Originally Posted by m@rk View Post
The RR is one of those cars that can carry off proper wood without looking out of place.

So my vote is for the almond especially with the external colour. Really light leather (such as the Cirrus) needs really dark on the outside. Now if you have a really deep blue on the outside with that Cirrus interior that would look the dogs bits

So either go ultra classy (almond and keep the wood) or go ultra modern, change the outside colour and go for the cirrus
Those thoughts make sense ...

I think I like Causeaway Grey because I want a colour which is different from the stock black and a colour which is similar to our present Range Rover, it's in a colour called Siljan Black (an individual Autobiography colour, looks more like a dark grey/charcoal).

I do like black, but every other Range Rover is also going to be black.

Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
Beat me to it...

100K plus easy...

IIRC Fly isn't short of a few bob
I have never ever seen the colour we have on another Range Rover...perhaps its time to find more currency to go for an individual colour.

Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Must admit I thought you'd be doing well to get a 5.0 SC RR for 60k but didn't have chance to play fantasy-car-configurator. Bet it's a beast of a car. I've no real experience with RR's, except got a lift to Birmingham & back a few years back in a RRS, but do hold them in high regard though don't really float my boat just yet (maybe in a few years when I tire of daft cars!!).
They do feel pretty good and the view up from up front is excellent. Its mind boggling when something this big gets going pretty quickly

The engine is also cracking. I hear the new model comes with a 8 speed box and the new also weighs a lot less

Originally Posted by Goofyguy View Post
Get away from the 21' wheels, tyres cost more than the truck! I know you pay to play but go to a 20 or 22. Also I hate tan interiors, but the Almond looks more comfy than the sterile hospital room of the Cirrus.
Winters tyres might be an issue on the 22's. 20's I'd have down spec and I have a feeling they just won't fill the arches as well.

Originally Posted by scooba0010 View Post
I think either works and you are very lucky enjoy it .
Thank you Scooba

Originally Posted by SeanH View Post
You certainly ain't short of a few bob if you're speccing the 5.0 RR when anyone knows the TDV8 is the best engine ever in an RR.
I prefer the petrol

Originally Posted by Palmnuts View Post
Lovely, lovely the Paris motorshow it was one of the most impressive I've ever sat in.

However, Fly old chap.....21's??? Oh come MUST get the 22's.

As for interior, well I like either but and the almond interior is nice, especially if thats also got the burgundy contrasting dash top. Normally, I'd say go for that but on these pics, it's light grey that looks the best to me.
Thank you Palmnuts.

Were on of the cars you saw like Ruby black (BMW colour) with black leather and lined black wood ?

I have stayed away from the 22's because I figured they won't be any good for curb crawling ... I mean climbing kerbs of course

The wheels I have selected for the new RR are similar to those I have already have. I intend to use these for winter.

You've got the 22's thought process going now

Originally Posted by Metalmickey View Post
I would definitely go for the almond interior, looks much classier.
You could always fit darker floor mats if worried about carpet and keep the cream ones until time to sell!

The light grey interiors never seem to wear well in the previous generation RR.
Mats are not non issue, I can always replace these. Plus I will have rubber over mats anyway. Its the upholstery and boot carpets that concern me.

Originally Posted by garytc78 View Post
I thought these where already out as I see them everyday but that might have something to do with me working near halewood and they do sometimes give them to the bosses a couple of months early,
the Evoque was everywhere you looked up here about 3 months before the official release.
Anyway on ot this looks really smart on the road looks very low and less like a brick gotta give it to JLR they have done what FORD could never do and that is make extremely good looking cars
I believe the PR guys get cars pre release for marketing of course . I'm sure I also previewed one before the unveiling. Pleased to hear they look good on the road.

I have now discovered they look worryingly like the new Ford Explorer.

Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
Nice car, I prefer the Almond and my wife has a similar sand coloured leather on her new Yeti with a black exterior. It looks warmer than the Grey below and looks a bit more upmarket in my eyes. Does it go with the exterior? It looks from your pics a really dark grey then I would say yes but if its like the BMW space grey the lighter option below may be a better choice.

But, it's your car and unless the dealer says it will be a difficult car to sell 2nd hand go for what you want.
I like Almond with black

I like those Yeti's too , very nearly bought one ... can you post photos please?

Originally Posted by xenon View Post
I had no idea how much it was (evidently) but surely you'd have to be clinically insane to spend that much on a Range Rover?
Something big and flash required. Present Range Rover is also a bespoke Autobiography.

Originally Posted by creepy coupe View Post
I'm loving Almond with Espresso / Almond carpets / but loose the wood it's pants.
I really want the other Autobiography wood like this instead...

Or do I...hmmm

Here's the wood on the current car ... looks black until you get closer and the light reflects

Originally Posted by m@rk View Post

Having just looked at the configurator, that spec is coming in at over 100k
Needs must. Still won't stop the hiding I'm going to get at home

Originally Posted by e60oholic View Post
2nd interior
... one of the reservations now is that that interior is available on the Evoque