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Sooooooo. i went ahead and did my paint correction. The car came out great but i dramatically underestimated the time and effort this takes. Started at 5pm after work....finished at 4am just to go to work at 7am....very stupid call on my part. I have to say, at first i was very impressed with the mf cutting pads and d300 but a closer look showed that it is not fully perfected and i am a bit OCD. I guess im going to need a slightly harder cut. I tried both d300 on mf and left hardly any micro marring and then used 105 on orange pad and i could see the micro marring. Both combinations felt like they came out with identical results. Should i go a surburf pad?? or maybe 105 on mf pad? or even a different compound. I will try and take pictures today. to show the very minimal swirls left