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Originally Posted by EB9512 View Post
Excuse my ignorance but I don't even understand this initial comparison. I always thought our cars were judged by overall drive characteristics, speed being one of many factors. Mustangs are great cars but I have never heard them referred to by anyone as a "sports coupe". Is the Mustangs main focus not straight line speed with big v-8....? If we wanted to rip 0-60 and 1/4 mile runs and used that as our ONLY buying consideration then would we not all be on muscle car forums? I would argue that while I am sure that many of you have the mods and the skills to beat 5.0 Mustangs....I do not....but I would not trade my driving experience on a daily basis for a Mustang.
Your ignorance is excused. As much as I hate to say it, this isn't yesterday's Mustang. They still have terrible brake dive and still run a solid axle -- but that didn't stop it from keeping up with an E92 M3 on a track (track oriented towards larger turns and smooth surfaces, but nonetheless).

It's only going to get worse as Ford looks at a smaller and lighter chassis and IRS on the new car. The new M3/M4 better be impressive, because the 2015 Mustang (the Aston Martin look) already looks like it would win a head to head on paper with the E92.
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