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Originally Posted by dr335is View Post
1) you have NO clue what Patent means
2) Why is that Terry banned here for years and not welcome on these boards?
3) I read that more than 50% of the comments actually believe that his service is terrible and are not surprised by his action described in this thread.

BMS deserves to go down...over a few $1000s!!!

I believe the mods should ban the word BMS on these forums
Have you ever purchased anything from bms??? I Can say the same thing about vishnu and there products.. vishnu/fftec is worshipped on these forums and its funny because I have a friend who went from procede to jb4 just from the support terry provides through email (answers within 24 hours) and the constant firmware updates and releases on n54 tech.. Anyways this isn't a tuner war get over it there both great motivators for the n54 community and push on each other to release better products. This is a part that can be put together with a couple washers and a plastic clip.. nothing to get mad over and if it was that serious something would have been done by now.