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Originally Posted by ilgidi View Post
Cheers for the info. I could only manage to see the mountings of the gearbox from under the car yesterday as I only have a hydraulic jack. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a look when it's on the 4 point lift. Didn't think about the selector fork and the rest tbh. Is it really worth changing the clutch if the DMF looks intact? I mean if the clutch looks fine too that is.
In my opinion, if you take the gearbox out, you might as well replace it for piece of mind and at 50k, there is probably some wear to it, so you will renew its life.

As an example, my old VW Polo needed to have its gearbox refurbished so the gearbox and clutch was removed. After it was done, the garage refitted the old clutch as it only had 45k miles and was in good condition. However, I found that the clutch release bearing started to make a noise and therefore had to opt for a brand new clutch kit to fix. In the long run it cost me more to put right than just changing it while the box was out. From my experience, once things are disturbed then can go wrong or loosen up, so as a matter of course, I always try to replace bits for piece of mind (where expensive labour costs are concerned). You should be able to pick up a LUK clutch kit for 250 for a 320d (I think a genuine one - which is probably the better option as it cures the judder issue if you have it - is 350ish here in the UK, from what my dealer told me when mine was done under warranty)

Good luck in finding the problem mate!