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I know i said I would stay out of this thread, but the amount of eye mucus that has clouded some of your vision's is wretch-worthy. For the record, I run a successful business and while i don't claim to know it all, I do have some idea of how things work. I own a fine jewelry business and the temptation to copy other companies designs is certainly there. Doing so would mean I wouldn't have to spend money on hiring designers or spend countless hours fine-tuning ideas. However, I have avoided that temptation like the plague because it's just not right.

Now, someone from the other side of this debate brought up a good point: We live in a free economy and it is every market entrants right to build upon an existing innovation and sell it for less. Whoever said this is absolutely right. I build upon other people's designs all the time and don't feel any remorse. However, this is not what BMS has done in the case of this clutch stop or copying the PROcede. Terry Burger made an exact replica of Nelson's unique clutch-stop and a shoddy replica of Vishnu's PROcede (It has since improved somewhat). Every single time Shiv released a new feature, BMS initially badmouthed it, and then a few months later they replicated it. Now, if BMS and Vishnu were copying ideas off each other, that would be fine. However, Shiv has always been the first mover and Terry has always followed (CAN integration, Boost Control, CPS Offsetting...the list goes on). This my friends, is blatant copying, and its morally reprehensible.

I love the fact that BMS has been caught red-handed over a $10 clutch stop because it illustrates what they've been doing on a much larger scale. Terry Burger has ducked and dived over the years, but it's time he is made to be accountable for his actions.

Those of you who are trying to twist this discussion into something about customer service or how great BMS' products are, obviously have an amoral perception of business ethics. I, however am not going to sit by and watch Nelson get bullied because his product is only worth a few bucks.
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