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The problem is.....

Originally Posted by NemesisX View Post
Manual elitists are just a vocal minority.

There are thousands of people who agree with the OP and simply won't post because there's nothing terribly interesting about circle-jerking over how superior paddle-shifting sports cars are.

Unfortunately for manual elitists, all they're really doing is vastly limiting the number of sports cars they'd be willing to own. It's their loss.
The problem is there are very few cars with dual clutch auto's that will out perform a manual on a track. Take the GTR, Porsche, Ferrari, or most exotics out of the equation and what are you left with. I drive a 135 and there is no way I would be faster with the dct much less have more fun.

The point of driving a car on a track is not to get the fastest time, but to have the most fun going fast. There will always be faster cars and faster drivers than you period. Plus unless you are racing for money than your lap times don't mean anything other than to judge your ability and your areas to improve.

Here is a thought go to your local track and watch an HPDE. Tell me what kind of cars you see there? Miata's, Corvette's, Mustangs, BMW's, Porsche's. You know what the common denominator is? Vast majority of them are manuals.

I have driven a 458, GTR, and a Turbo S w/PDK all on a race track and outside of the 458 I could take it or leave it. The 458 is a freakin animal and there isn't anything better than that tranny, but for every other car I think I'd enjoy a manual more. Something about the challenge of the perfect down shift, or managing your shifting points on a track that engages you much more than an auto faster or not.

Now add that F1 tranny in the 458 to every car, and I'll drive the snot out of that.

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