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Originally Posted by EononCarDVD View Post
Hi Rubiks, thanks for your picture provided. Our tech has checked and confirmed that the A button can't work with our unit. But I've reflect this issue to them to see if it can be added.

Anyway, it's a good unit deserve your invest!

Hi Steve, thanks for your interest.

Here are the answers to your questions:
1. Yes our D5114 supports OBC display.
2. There's no parking sensors display. But you can connect the camera to our unit without problem.

About the DAB & AM, we have done a research for this, thanks for your feedback too. We're still not sure when it will be adopted yet. Once any news, I'll inform you guys.

About the DVB-T digital TV, sure you can add a V0017 digital TV box to connect to D5114 to enjoy the digital TV programs easily:

Welcome to get them!

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I am really hooked on the graphic pdc option. Any chance it could be added in the future?
What would be good is if a comparison table for the units could be produced. I gather there are some features your unit has and the Dynavin hasnt and vice versa. It would make the decision a lot easier if you could compare them side by side.