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Eh, kaigoss, you're technically correct about the impedance matching, but headphone outputs are very explicitly designed to be happy with a very wide range of load impedances. The BIGGEST problem is that you NEVER crank any volume to 100%. You probably don't need to sit the iPod at 50%, but whenever an audio system is designed, it usually is designed with a 10% or so overdrive in mind. The idea is that some songs hit the player with poor normalization. The recording happens to be quiet. And in that case, you can amplify by a larger factor and still remain within the drive characteristics of your system. HOWEVER, for normal volume recordings, by using that extra buffer, you're actually clipping the peaks of the output signal off totally and introducing distortion. It's true of both the iPod and radio - crank either to max and drop the other so it's comfortable, and you'll still hear distortion for most songs.