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One cam is enough
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Originally Posted by RMG View Post
...well I do have a life .. something you might find...boring. You on the other have 6,548 posts (?!), the vast majority of them negative...all about a @#%$^&% car ....this is sad. Some health professionals might find this ..."intriguing"...I wanted to end this with a LOL....I couldn't..
Yeah an average of four posts per day is absolutely astronomical! I'm like the King of the Internet! Who on Earth would ever be able to keep up with that pace!?!?

Originally Posted by SpeedOften View Post
If BMW didn't have much confidence in it they wouldn't of put it in the 1M and 335is..... BMW switched b/c the n55 is less expensive and is able to produce the effectively the same power more efficiently. it's a cost cutting measure, along with efficiency.
Not only about cost cutting and efficiency, but you've practically halved the possibility of turbo-related failure. I'm not 100% sure how this turned out in reality, but I would also assume it left a bit more room for heat dissipation. I could be wrong on that, but it would help as well.