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One cam is enough
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A lot of you guys already touched on the point I was going to make. I don't get the manual transmission because it's faster, and I don't give a shit if there is a DCT or DSG or whatever else that will shift faster than I can.... I enjoy driving more when I row my own. Plain and simple. I had a Step 335 and although I've got left knee issues, I was kicking myself every day for going that route. It took the involvement out of driving in a way, and I made sure to grab an MT on my next car, which I LOVE despite the knee issue and the fact that I'm commuting in shitty traffic every day.

I'm not going to say manuals are generally better or try to fight the fact that automated manual gearboxes are faster, but I'd like to keep my option in the future of having the opportunity to shift on my own. That's all.