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Originally Posted by Wrngway View Post
Once you have the tool, you should be able to switch from OEM to AA tune whenever you want. Keep in mind the process can take around 45 minutes....longer or shorter than that depending on your model year. So it's not something you'll want to do all the time.

It's also recommended you have a battery charger hooked up at the time. I'd guess that bad things can happen if the battery goes dead during the process. So, get a battery charger too and make sure you turn off as many accessories as possible during a program.

I bought a Simon primarily as insurance against a dealer overwriting the tune. I can't imagine dealers check that for most warranty issues. It's also insurance in case I or someone else accidently put 87 octane in the tank.

One other nice thing is that you can revert to OEM prior to selling the car if that person isn't an enthusiast.

One other thing to note is that once you use the device, it'll be locked to your VIN. So it can't be used on any other car.
Thanks for the reply. I'm not worried on how long it takes to change the tune, although I don't currently have a battery charger. I wouldn't be doing it that often. I just like the assurance of being able to remove the tune before going to the dealer if something happens that I need to use my CPO warranty for. It's likely I would use the simon tool once and never play with it again. That sucks that it locks to my VIN.
Is there any discounts offered on buying the tune and simon tool? Seems expensive for something I'll likely use once and then it's locked to my car.