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Originally Posted by silverbmwz3 View Post
Also known as e90post UK's love song to Carlos sang to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody (by Queen should you not know):

Is this the rail leaves?
Is this Fandango, C
Caught in my dad's ride
No escape from p*** takers, see

Open my flies, torch up to the skies and see,
I'm just a rich boy, I beat those slow M3s
Because the diesel come, it can go, at the 'Ring, they don't know...
Anyway the (bi)turbo blows doesn't really matter to me, to me

Mama, just missed a ban,
Used dad's revs til they reached red, lost his torch and raced a Fed,
Mama, dad's car's so much fun,
But now I've gone and thrashed it all away.

Mama, ooooh, They're so mean and make me cry,
If I don't post again this time tomorrow,
Carrry on, Carry on,
Til the car is left in tatters.

Look mate, my time was done,
Not fourteen secs down the line,
Car was shaking, it's not mine.
Goodbye driving licence, it's got to go,
Gotta chase that Fox's behind and spread the truth......
Mama, ooooh, I don't want to lie,
I sometimes wish my box was not so small.

I see a little silhouetto of a fox,
Scaramouche, Scaramouche I was done by Fandango! (or he's called Carlos Fandango)
Diesel goes like lightning,
Carlos' driving's frightning, "d"
Galileo, (Galileo), Galileo, (Gallileo), Gallileo Fandango, Hisdaddiescar-oh-oh-oh
He's just a rich boy, nobody loves he, he's just a rich boy from a rich family,
Spare his dad's car, a nice E92-d,
Diesel come, It can go, At the 'Ring, They Don't know...
Northern meet? No, we will not let you go!
Let him go?
Northern meet? No, we will not let him go!
Let me go, we will not let you go
Let me go, we will not let you go
Oh northern lads, northern lads, northern lads, let him go.
e90post, has a p***-take put aside for me.... for me... for me....

So you think you can race me in your slow M5 ?
So you think you can time me and prove wrong my lies ?
No.... foxy... can't do this to me foxy....
Just gotta get out, just gotta get max revs from gear.

Carlos really matters, anyone can see.
Carlos really matters.... to, errr well, I could say "me" but that would sound camp.

hi silverbmwz3, bloody good effort but...

im really not sure how to take it, and everyones comments..

on one hand, im quite appreciative of the effort and lengths you went to ''take the piss'' and that i must be quite high on your list of ''things to do''

silverbmwz3 list of things to do
''1) log onto and rip the piss out of carlos
2) lay a cable
3) make sweet love to my hand)''


but on the other hand, im thinkin its quite serious and that people dont think much to me and instead of just finding it funny, finding it funny cuz they actually think im a knob!

997.2 GT3