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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
We did the alignment with string... A little ghetto but it seems to have worked fine. To get the front centered we got the toe set then drew lines forward from our set points and then found the center point of those lines and adjusted toe to center that line on the roundel. There's probably a better way but my car seems to track straight. Haven't quite figured out how to do the rear thrust angle. Need to think about that one.

Centerline parallel found by:

[1] Mark plumb bob location, farthest apart on rear axles @ identical points. Accuracy here IS critical.

[2] Take 2 ~equal length strings; join at one end. Exact equality not required. 2/3+ car width may be a good length, each string.

[3] Place unjoined ends at plumb bob points; stretch joined end taunt.

[4] Mark joined end vertex on one side of plumb bob points, then the other. Connect vertex points and you have a centerline parallel.

[5] Rear thrust angle zero'd by measuring from centerline parallel to rim to set toe - I use toe plates.

[6] Front toe cal'd from centerline parallel w/wheel centered.

(A) Naturally, you'll want to check camber after toe.

(B) If camber's in spec, you're done. If not in spec, adjust and proceed to (C).

(C) Recheck toe; if in spec, you're done. If out of spec, re-adj toe and go to step (A)

Cal's Backyard Bumpkin alignment - workin' OK?

Will post more complete DIY w/refinements soon....

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