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Originally Posted by vasmir View Post
That article by Jalopnik is pretty juvenile - It sounds like it's written by somebody who doesn't know how to drive a standard.
Of course, I'm sure that's not the case (as it's written by Travis Okulski, one of their editors), however I can't help feeling the author's point of view is as skewed as those he's criticizing.

The point of all cars isn't simply to get the best lap times, nor does a manual gearbox provide the only means to be fully engaged.

Why can't both have their place with enthusiasts?
This is a stupid article.

edit: it's under the rant section on Jalopnik - that's where it belongs.

As far as Jalopnik goes, I rank them the lowest on my totem pole of who I listen to about cars. Several reasons for this: they praise TGUSA, who have catered to hillbillies quite oft, they are part of gawker media which lives up to its name (the stories are there for shock value to generate hits, they don't care if it's true or not) and they filter the comments section of the site via a promotion system where the top commenters have been promoted themselves via the editors/mods/authors of the site and their opinions take up the entire comments section. The starring system allows you to freely submit your opinion on their site (but only once you have earned that approval via a high ranking mod), on the day of the big reveal of the FT-86 everyone who wrote a joke parallel to the joke written by the author received a star. Later the author took the top comments and rewrote the article by including all the jokes that received stars into a new article. This then became a weekly event for the site because they noticed that article got plenty of hits. Then they divided each article into sections so that you weren't clicking one page to get whatever the approved commentary was, you were clicking through several pages (increasing the number of hits on that specific article).

That site is a mess, and its like a high school clique over there. /end rant
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