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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
Saying that you don't see the point of a manual transmission just makes you sound arrogant. No transmission is better than another, it's a case by case system (what works for you may not work for others and vice-versa). Feedback is important to me, it's the bond between me and the cars I've owned. It may not be for you, but try not to be so closed-minded.

My hope is that you are a troll or a sheep.
I think what I what mostly upset about are people who would see my car and constantly say why didnt you get the manual.. its just as good I can get almost the same response. Car manufactures want to increase numbers for the car so they are slowly getting rid of that transmission.

Originally Posted by Rmk392 View Post
if you have to worry about stalling every time you drive, then clearly manual isn't for you.
Lol^ I hate the break in the hassle of it.

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