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Originally Posted by OECMG View Post
I see it's the plastic one. Like the metal one only made from plastic. OK. I noticed another vendor is selling this same plastic clutch stop for a long time, have you copied it from them and their photos and their marketing materials? They appear to be the same.

Again, I know you're a new member here with 4 posts, 2 of which are in this thread...but search and you'll find that mine was the first "easy to install" clutch stop for the E90.

Many other vendors have copied my design but BMS is the only one that I'm aware of so far that used my pictures in their ads.

Here's an early reference (2010) to my easy to install clutch stop. I'm sure there are other threads somewhere. If there was something similar out, I haven't seen it.

And here's the thread on the clutch stop you just posted....looks like it's from 2011. That vendor has nice looking pictures and was smart enough to put their name on it so no one else could use them.

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