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I've found this to be true for the most part. I've had very sexual GF's and it was good, now however I'm in a relationship which is as you describe. I've been just putting off the inevitable in breaking up with her because the sex life just sucks. Used to be lots of bad sex, (OK) but now it's bad sex every once in a while, when she "gives in" and then tolerates it. It's just sad.

I'm just focusing on what I was doing before I met her, working and making money, if something better comes along I'm jumping on it immediately.

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From my own experiences I have noted that most women find sex to be a chore, if you find a highly sexual woman you have won the lottery.
Also some women tend to reduce the sex in a manner to control the relationship, which can be a silly way of thinking from a mans point of view, as if women wanted to control us more, giving more sex would achieve better results.
Money is fun, sex gives you the feeling of being wanted , which is also great. Buying sex doesn't buy the being wanted feeling it still feels artificial.
The best would be to find the balance of both a great income and a woman that has a high sex drive, and I can say that the income is the easier of the two to achieve.
Also on a last word, a woman's look is NOT directly proportional to their sex drive.