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Thanks for the input guys, it's much appreciated!

Originally Posted by Eelesy24 View Post
...The filter however fits the standard airbox, and cost me with my staff discount 50 and I have the knowledge that it is a genuine BMW part...
Mike, is the BMW performance filter a dry version of the K&N? That I would be keen for. Potentially a better filter without the agro of oiling the K&N and having the possible MAF issues that could go with that. Where does one get ones hands on one of those?

Originally Posted by Lowandslow115 View Post
i did a cheap intake set up on mine, you just get a new maf sensor pipe and then run an open filter it cost me 80 dollars for everything, i can send you the link where i got mine if your interested
Thanks. I'm not looking to run an open filter. It gets pretty hot under the hood and air intake temp is more important for a NA engine vs. a turbocharged engine, so am looking to keep it as cool as possible hence working with the standard euro box.

Cheers all.
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