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Originally Posted by JetBlackE46 View Post
Again, I know you're a new member here with 4 posts, 2 of which are in this thread...but search and you'll find that mine was the first "easy to install" clutch stop for the E90.

Many other vendors have copied my design but BMS is the only one that I'm aware of so far that used my pictures in their ads.

Here's an early reference (2010) to my easy to install clutch stop. I'm sure there are other threads somewhere. If there was something similar out, I haven't seen it.
I've only seen this forum for a few days. I wish I had found it sooner, it's a great resoruce for sharing experiences with vendors! I signed up here to post my experiences with another vendor. Not you and not bms. Now that I am here reading this I am finding it irresestable to keep coming back and read and write these replies.

So now you say you invented this bolt with washer in 2010. OK. In the first post you said it has been several years since you invented this? I typed in "clutch stop" in this search screen in the upper right hand side of this page and I found someone who is offering to sell the same easy to install clutch stop in 2009 and over 100 possible customers asking to purchase it from him???