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Originally Posted by DSC_OFF View Post
Woah woah ease up here bigboi. Nobody claimed to own a race car nor did I ever say the purpose of this was to shave lap times so you shouldn't put words in my mouth.

If you read my NASA link, all of it centered around a safety perspective. To say only racers are at risk of suffering injuries or accidents is pretty naive. I can say with confidence we've seen multiple wrecks in the past 3 events, most if not all were DE. And rollover or not, the ability to run a Hans is a huge benefit IMO.

Secondly whether I got a Grimace purple seat that costs twice the price of a used seat has no relevance. End of day I chose the PP because it fit me the best, was a definite fit for my car, and I got a great price on it. And if it looks damn good in my interior evev better.

Lastly, your suggestion of getting a half cage instead of harness bar (only) is what I've bet leaning towards from the beginning (see my response to CJ's original post) so we're not in disagreement.
relax.. I was just giving you my honest opinion with a bit of joke.. I wont.