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Originally Posted by Rick4345 View Post
Hey Wally......Did you see a picture of the clutch stop in the post you just refered to. I didn't. You need to not let your Cadillac mouth be overloaded by your Volkswagen brain. (Sorry Cadillac and VW. Both good car manufacturers. Just making a point).
I'd prefer to think of it as a BMW brain and an Audi mouth but there is no reason to insult fellow BMW owners here. This is a conversion about ethics so here are some of the ethical points from my viewpoint.

First both these vendors are selling a product that is literally attached to the bottom of chair legs to keep your chair from sliding along the floor. I can detach 4 of these from my chair right now. Is it ethical to charge $10 for this part and advertise it as some sort of engineered BMW performance part? I think the ethical thing to do as a fellow BMW owner would be to let people know they can buy this part at a hardware store and attach it to their car themselves.

That post I showed above shows that someone else thought of the same idea in 2009 and recruited around 100 people who voted in his poll saying they would be interested in purchasing this part from him. Was it ethical for both these vendors to take his idea and run with it?

The vendor who made this post has links to his auction sales site advertising for business in a trumped up negative review of another vendor who just happens to be selling the exact same part. Is that ethical?

The vendor who made this post claims that bms copied his photos but then when you look at the auction links they are clearly not his photos. So either he has made this whole thing up to get people to click this fake review and see his for sale link or he requested bms to change the photos and they complied and removed them. Either way this thread is pretty sketchy.

This guy posting has made thousands of dollars ripping off bmw owners and bms and others have made who knows how many thousands more running the same scam. I think the whole thing is a riot watching everyone defend one side or the other. Take a step back and take a deep breath. These guys are fighting over friggin chair stops.