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Used Car Dealer not paying off Trade (Exotic motor cars)

Guys, I'm loving my E39, but the sale experience is not over. I bought my 530 on Sat Sept 15. Traded in my Lincoln. I paid them CASH (which cleared 3 days later!) for the difference of the vchicles. They were supposed to pay my trade off. So the quick math is price of the 530 + my upside amount we agreed to on the lincoln. It's a work car, so I knew I was upside down. 40k/yr will do that. But anyway... we came to a deal, bill of sale is accurate, I even have a pay-off agreement page saying they are buying my car for the pay off amount and even gave them my most current statement.

It's now Oct 18, 2012. 33 days later. I've been given the run around for the past three weeks. I was specifically lied to three times about payment going out. 1- went to the wrong address. 2- went out, don't worry this time it'll get there by end of week. It didn't, even 10 days later. Today I was told it went out this morning overnight UPS or FedEx. I asked for a tracking #, they could not produce one, never would call me back or take my calls. Even spoke to the owner of this medium size independent dealer. I actually had to make a emergency payment over the phone today, with late fees so my credit would not get damaged. What Mother F'kers. I could F'n beat their arse. Has anyone been in this situation? Pointers? I'm in the Clearwater, FL area. What may plan is and it's already underway as of today.

1- I filed a written formal complaint with the FL DMV dealer license division.
2- I obtained their bond agent and bond company and bond #.
3- I sent the complaint that I sent over to the DMV to their bond agent.
4- Agent and DMV both confirmed they have active $25,000 bond.
5- Filed a complaint with the local BBB.
6- Contacted a few local news channels as part of their "action for you" leads.
7- I have called an attorney on deck, and the next step is make the appointment he will see me and thinks I'm in the right (of course). I'm sure the course would be a law suite.

This just amazes me how they can do this. I think this is a felony in FL. The chevrolet dealer was doing a lot of this couple years ago when the economy bottomed and they threw him in jail for 2yrs over not paying trades off. Made huge waves in the Tampa/Clearwater area.

Throwing this out there for fellow members. F**K THESE PEOPLE. Do not do Business with them.

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