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Bad brakes or forgetful dealership?

So, I bought a CPO e92 last month. Being completely and utterly brand new to BMW, I didn't realize until the first day after I took delivery that the central display was showing one of those "!" exclamation/warning messages. Well, being a freshly CPOed vehicle, I assumed it was nothing big. I checked the manual as to what it was (a check/service brakes message), and cleared the message.

I thought that's all there was to the issue. But just the other day, for the first time, I paid attention to the display while starting the vehicle. And it was displaying a "-800" in the miles section. Checking the computer, it's still saying that the brakes need servicing (now 800 miles past due).

So I'm wondering: is this just a condition that the dealership forgot to reset during their CPO process? Does the computer simply count down the miles to determine serving for brakes? Or does the computer have some way of sensing wear and/or trouble in the brake system, and it really detected a problem a day after I took delivery?

All that being said, I can't discern any particular problem with the brakes. They seem strong and they don't make any noise or appear to exhibit any unusual behavior. But I'm curious to know what the more learned have to say about it.