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MEGA's E92 Audio install *UPDATE PAGE 3*

Welcome to MEGA's mad audio install thread!
Latest update page 4!


Table of Contents

Page 1
Introduction / Spec list .................... Page 1 Post 1
Page 2
Sound deadening discussion.................. Page 2 Post 24
Page 3
Good to go! Everything ordered now.......... Page 3 Post 47
Shot of the goodies all boxed up............ Page 3 Post 48
BIG update : BUILD: Speakers in............. Page 3 Post 55
Page 4
BIG update : BUILD: Amps in, bit one talk... Page 4 Post 78
BIG update : BUILD: Sub fitted! ............ Page 4 Post 83

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Why not me and Sam compete.

I'm going a different route to AWBimmer although there's overlap in the component choices due to him copying me and Sumil basically ( ).

So. There are my choices:

Sound Processor

Audison Bit one.1
Rear Sub
JL Audio 10W7
JL Audio HO Box
Front Speakers
Hertz HSK 165XL w/o x-over
Hertz HL 70 3" mids
Audison voce CX 2W MH passive x-over
Hertz HDP4
Hertz HDP1
Etc ..
Dynamat Xtreme bulk pack
Dynamat Xtreme speaker pack x2
Boot build of some description (incorporating the HO box / my red and black theme..

The build excluding labour comes out quite spendy.. About the same as I spent on my E90 really!

Fortunately I have all of that to sell. So look out soon for the following for sale:

Alpine IVA-D106R Flipscreen head unit (DVD) 350
Alpine n099p Satnav unit 150
Alpine 2011 Maps discs 50
JL Audio XR650CSi Component Speaker Set 100
JL Audio XR650CSi Component Speaker Set 100
Phoenix Gold Ti 500.4 Amp 200
Phoenix Gold Ti 500.4 Amp 200
Phoenix Gold Ti 800.1 Amp 200
Phoenix Gold Ti 1200.1 Amp 300
Phoenix Gold PLD1 Line Driver 30
Phoenix Gold PLD1 Line Driver 30

Will get some pics up of what I've bought so far and then the boot install process which I'll be handling with a mate of mine (Same guy who did my E90 install ).

So. There will be 5 or so major major installs from this site by the time we get back into british summer time next year. but who's will top the table Only one way to find out.. Fiiiight. Heh.

IF any interest in any of the components I have for sale soon, now's the time to shout. I'll be listing everything within 2-3 weeks. I paid more than double the price quoted for every single listed component so am losing quite a bit but hope to recoup some of the cash after going " a different way"..

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