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Originally Posted by Dazzler
Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
Man those R&R are Rock Solid... it's like a Fast Tank !!

that would be the ultimate chauffeured car !!

$350K each

do i buy a house? or a R&R ??
Never ceases to amaze me that even with the totally tanked US dollar you guys in USA still get stuff so cheap.

AUD and USD are pretty much 1:1 but yet in Sydney...

Average house in Sydney $700-$800,000
Rolls Royce Phantom: $1,000,000
M3: $160,000
M5: $250,000

Dazzler greetings from Southern California.

Not all of the US is cheap. For cars yes. I would say we do have it great compared to what you have to pay.

But homes around here are $750-$1.6MM I am not talking mansions. Just a 3-4 bedroom house with no lot!

I wish I could score a shed for $350k here. LOL

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