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Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
Definitely do it yourself, it can be

It's super sticky as it is, so no need for glue really. Just place the trim on the slab of vinyl, make a cutout leaving room on every side. It takes a lot of effort though, a lot of pulling off and stretching to get rid of kinks. Not once did I use a squeegee of any sort. Pull and stretch works the best with this stuff.

I bought 4x5 I think? You have to make sure you get the longer side (5ft) with the grains horizontally though; it costs more, but it just looks proper.

And might I add I had absolutely zero experience doing this. Buy enough vinyl, maybe a little bit more than I said. You will make mistakes, but you'll learn as you go.
Nice, just what I wanted to hear and i'm going to wrap mines in a solid color so I don't have to worry about which way I need to stick it i'm more of a DIY person anyways.

Thanks for info bro!