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Originally Posted by GRIP View Post
lol, when you wash it, the moisture and then sitting up after the wash is what causes it. Rust is a lot harder to get off than dirt because it isn't something that is just laying on top of metal. It is the residue from a chemical reaction WITH the metal, so it's actually part of the rotor at that point. The easiest way to get it off is to use your brakes. The friction with the pads will wear the rust off. Like I said earlier, I've never had a problem with rust build up because all my cars are garaged, and even when they do spend a night outside at work, I USE my brakes when I drive so whatever surface rust might be there (which isn't much) is gone within a few minutes.
Ahhh I see... and I use my paddle shifters to slow down a lot.. Ok I will use heavier brakes more often and see it that helps any. Thanks.