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Originally Posted by kyle.c View Post
It's so bumpy and noisy for me, yes it has the power and sportiness but I think I am going the F10 instead.

I don't know why but my age group should be buying the F30....right?

I feel like I am so old now and I will never have the urge to own a sport car ever again.
without reading anyone else's response to your thread...
and solely based on your question:

here is my point of view.

1) i find it weird that for your age (26), you should be still very young at heart... and being from HK, i suppose you are asian, which means you would look physically young too. >>> SO why the heck F10 ??! it's a tad too much of a car for you for your age...

2) And yes based on your age, the F30 should be a perfect fit for you.

3) What's even more weirder: i find it strange that you are saying the F30 is noisy and bumpy for your taste: Being young, you should enjoy that!
Are you really getting older than your age ?? you must be really mature before your age? Or do you have a family? kids? that could explain why?
or do you generally like to listen to classical music ?

4) Of all the BMW 3 series that has ever existed, the F30 is very comfort, isolated, and NOT bumpy at all, i would even call it an annoying flying carpet.
BUT if you compare it to the F10, of course it would be more noisy and bumpy... the 3 is just more fun and dynamic than the 5.

and therefore you should not complain that the 3 is less comfortable than the 5... it is supposed to be in that order...

if you prefer more coziness, choose the 5, but dont blame it that the 3 isn't more comfortable for you... because i can tell you that the 3 is too comfortable for me... i wish it could have a tad harsher more dynamic ride...

full disclosure:
I know that anyone at any age can own any car they want...
there aren't any specific car tied to any specific gender or age...
But there are patterns out there where there is a majority of a particular gender and age who drive a specific type of car...

Having said that:
F30 should be for the younger crowd
F10 should be for the more mature/settled down population

But one does not prevent the other...

Just choose the car that you like best... who cares what other people says...

As for you very last sentence: clearly yes you are getting old before your age.

...unless you are just a troll, finding excuses and pretend that you deserve a nicer more expensive car to spoil your needy ego.