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The Dotechs are discontinued now, but they play lower than the Rainbows which are also discontinued. We used to use the Dotechs in our L2 kits and they are very good performers when properly configured. We can't get them any longer.

The XE200 is not a midbass driver. It can be USED as a midbass driver, but we use it all the time in woofer applications. It is more linear than the SWS and lacks the SWS "bump" around 80. It's more accurate than the SWS above 100.

If you get the SWS, I would get the Dotechs- or what has replaced them, the Virtus - because they do a better job of meeting them at the top end of the woofer's effective range.

If you've emailed us and are looking for more user experiences, sorry about that. Many of our clients don't post, so if you have emailed us, email again and let me know and I can forward it to some users who can share their experiences directly.
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