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@AddictedToBavarian:I have no idea how they did this. Possibly in the shop? possibly when they pulled it out of the shop to park outside. Sao mais que malucos, sao ums abestados!!!

@FormerRotor:Of course I put full blame on the installer. They kid try to tell me it was not their fault. I ask him plainly "Then whose fault it it, mine!!!??"

@bmw246: Thank you, they are brand new VMR 710's gunmetal.

@BOBKUR and dd243372: I can't believe you guys still think the installer didn't do it. Alright, I get a call, car's ready. I have someone drive me over there. I get there and it's raining. Concerned about them scratching the rims during install, I go straight to the car, check all rims (wasn't really checking the tires). When I get to the last tire I spot the nail, good thing it was in a visible spot. Man I'm so pisseddd, imagine if I had driven the car home like that!?

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If it had been me, I would have refused the car. I took it back to them later and they could not repair the damage. Caveat Emptor.
I did refuse to take the car. There was no way I was going to take that car back with the tire like that! Damn kid at the counter offered that they could fix it (i.e.. patch) even though it was the first thing I told him I would not accept, I want a new tire!