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Well I gave my daily driver a wash and with the autobrite snow foam kit today.

You insert a small amount of magifoam into the canister, then fill it with warm water and attach to your high pressure washer after you have rinsed the car.

Initially the solution was quite watery, adjusting the valve on the nozzle in the - (minus direction) thickened it up until a nice thick foamy solution was sprayed onto the car.

Let it rinse for 5-10 minutes then hose off.

Once it has been rinsed off, I then use my petrol blower to blow the water off the paint. The blower is great for blowing water trapped inside the wheel nut recesses and tyres trim linings etc (I hate when you get those streaky water marks from driving off and the water drips from various crevices onto the paint)

Once the bulk of the beaded water has been blown from the car i use a lint free waffle towel to towel the car dry

I didnt take before photos on the calais sports wagon, but whilst the finish is far from concours, it has done a great job and it literally halved my washing time!

I then decided to give the gf's corolla a run also.



So in summary I highly recommend this product for anyone who is considering it. It isnt as cost effective as the wash n bucket method, but its much quicker and for someone who perhaps doesnt have the time, or has a sore back etc it is a great way for maintaining a clean paint finish that is much cheaper then your local car wash!