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Originally Posted by e90pilot View Post
Update 3: As some of you already know, I have Active Autowerke's software installed on my 325i. Drivability issues have been completely eliminated and it no longer knocks. When I first drove it, it felt faster. I just got back from Dynospot Racing in San Jose again and the numbers confirm my initial impressions. I don't have the file yet but I do have a print out. The car makes 210 hp @6200 rpm and 202 ft-lbs tq @2750 rpm. 175 ft-lbs tq are available at 1500rpm and doesn't really drop off until 6000 rpm. Since I have the 3-stage manifold there are torque peaks at 2750 and 4000 rpm. And remember, I have 150,000 miles on my car! Considering that I think I finally have a working 3-stage manifold swap with all the kinks worked out. It would be nice to get a stock 330 on the same dyno I used to see how far off I really am.

For more information on the AA tune please visit or PM Viral @ Active Autowerke username: Active Autowerke III.

DIY for intake manifold swap available here:

Here's a scan of the dyno print out:

Update for 1/3/528i owners! Check out this thread:

Update 2: I'm getting another tune for my car except this time it will be custom tuned on a dyno. Many thanks to Craven 328 for bringing this tune to e90post. Saturday May 15 is the big day so stay tuned!

Update 3: This dyno has been floating around for a while but I thought I'd post it here to. This is the before and after dyno charts after I the Gintani tune.

Many people have speculated over weather it was possible to convert a 325i to a 330i. I can safely say I have done it rather successfully. First I'd like to thank Dyno Spot Racing in San Jose, CA for fitting me in their schedule the same day I called them.

Here are the main differences in the 330i and 325i:

Intake Manifold
Exhaust Resonator
Exhaust Muffler
Engine Software

The 325i has provisions in the software for moving the valves in the 330i manifold but does not take advantage of its effects. Here are the parts you need:

11617559523 Intake Manifold
11617559530 Vent Hose
11617579114 Adjustor Unit
11617560538 Adjustor Unit 2
11617547242 Gasket set
11617535849 x5 Screw 50x20
11617535850 x2 Screw 50x35
11617535851 x1 Screw 50x66

It's about $900 for all this stuff and about 2.5hrs of labor to install it. It is DIYable as well.

And now for the main event! Here are the dyno runs. The first pic shows atmospheric conditions and the second pic shows max values. You can see the three stage intake manifold in action by looking at the torque curve. At about 3200 rpm and 4400rpm you can see the torque drop and rise quickly. These are the points at which the DISA valves open up. As each valve opens, the torque rises sharply.

So 210 HP and 187 ft-lbs of torque to the wheels on the best HP run. With an 18% drivetrain loss, that puts me at 256HP and 228 ft-lbs of torque at the flywheel which is right on the money for a 330i. Keep in mind two things: the 325i has a more restricted exhaust and I have 127,000 mi on my car. I think there is more HP in the engine. A cold air intake and exhaust will definatly help the HP numbers at the cost of torque. Those of you with the PBX might have to ditch the box. The engine software may not be compatible with it but I don't know for sure.
whats the difference between the 330i and the 328i intake manifolds?