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Originally Posted by Zero.7 View Post
Good info. and great to hear that you didn't waste $400. Have you had it "installed" yet?

As others have already said, the PPK 1 is a great upgrade. It's not going to give you numbers like other aftermarket tunes/flash, but I already knew that and really didn't care. I just knew that it would perform better than stock and that I would notice a difference. I had a feeling that low end performance would be noticeable, but what surprised me more was high end power. Accelerating from 70 all the way up to 90 mph was exhilarating. The car just keeps pulling. And the fact that it's from BMW and installed at my dealership just gives me peace of mind as well as retains resale value of the car.

Originally Posted by cstavaru View Post
Yeah...and now think about how would your car feel if you would add 4x more power than that. You will want more power in a couple of months. Been there, done that...

Originally Posted by daemonicus View Post
if you dont mind me asking, why pay more for an exhaust that says BMW on it than any other exhaust on the market? at the end of the day, you've still got a round pipe, with a muffler and resonator that makes more noise than a stock e90. any other company can make that for less money and probably produce slightly more gains being mandrel bent.

the BMW fanboy fetish doesn't make sense to me. you'd rather pay more for the same product?

I havn't had a chance to get it installed just yet. I think I'll be making an appointment for next week. I didn't want to rush it because I actually wanted to get used to the exhaust and see how it changes the car. I gave the exhaust a review in a separate thread.
I understand that I won't be making the kind of performance figures that a similar car with a jb4 or other mods. My car is a long termer and I really have no intention of making any more power than it will be. I'm very happy with the overall look and feel of the car. I think after this, I'll be done and will just preform proper maintenance.

As for going with the PE vs other aftermarket exhausts, every review I've read had great things to say about the PE, and I can add to them. The best way of describing it, is that it reminds me of an old 1950s race car like a XK-SS. The sound really is fantastic. And since I picked it up used, I got it for almost half of what it normally costs.
I'll try to get it installed and get a review up as soon as I can.
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