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Originally Posted by SGxi View Post
From my understanding, BMW Roadside assistance uses whoever is closest to your location. Having had my car towed twice, both ended up being CAA flatbeds, both times I waited 2-3 hours for the tow, fortunately for me, I was not on the highway.

I have had good experience with Abrams, although they could not provide a flatbed when I called, they were the first company that managed to get someone over with a service truck to assess the issue and manged to get the siezed wheel off the car, so we didn't need a tow that time.

CAA is a better service provider for tows however.
yes the their first tow truck came on time.. but it was the wrong one.. what really ticked me off was that the 2nd person they were sending would keep calling me saying hes "not too far away" but then never came.