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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
What's up guys. Hope everyone's cars are running strong. Just a few weeks left.

I just made 543 RWHP @ 5.0 psi on 91 octane today. Hopefully I will make 560+ on 100 oct when I dyno next week. Probably don't have time to up the boost before the event however Another blown M3 coming to the event made 601 @ 8psi on MS 109 and DLSJ5's M3 at 12psi just made 645 RWHP. These should be good runs against you singles...except Shiv's. I saw a post on Sticky's forum from Shiv that he made over 800 RWHP on his shop car. That's nuts if true!
Great numbers Adam! What shop are you guys dynoing at, and what type of dyno they use?