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Right Guys. Managed to sort the rattling noise on my car. It originaly sounded like it was comming from behind the dash radio area. What I done was get my other half to just blip the trottle while I had the bonnet open to see if I could hear where it was comming from and so I managed to hear it straight away. It was the cover above the radiator the one with the badge on. I grabed hold of the end to steady it and it stops. You can hear it more with the bonnet open. Solution was to take the three screws hoding the cover off and refit the cover tightening slowly till there was no noise. In actual fact it went on quite tight. Having a guess it might have been disturbed while I was cleaning around the engine. Glad I sorted that out as it was starting to get a bit annoying. Hope this might be of some help to some of yous.