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Originally Posted by Yodaime View Post
Sara , when he meant DRIVE the car and USE the brakes. it's basicly like when you ride with me. shit like doing 120-130 downshifting the crap outa the car and brakes but tape on brakes. things like that but you can do that around 60-70 and your brakes will get a good heating. on a casual drive you know i use manual mode? I dont just drive on Automatic mode all the time. I drive what they call enthusiastically.
when I had my 335, I NEVER drove it in automatic. It felt too sluggish, and the shifts were too slow, and never into the right gear. I couldn't take it lol As soon as I got in it went straight to DS, manual, traction control completely off. lol It took a while to get used to the tail end sliding out so easily, and most of the time not hearing how much noise the car was actually making because the car was soooooooooo quiet. I could always feel it obviously, but the reactions to people outside the car were always funny. I was just waiting to get stopped so I could tell the cop, "No sir I wasn't drifting through that intersection. That was a powerslide."
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