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^ I called and they don't care. They will report according to them. They were pretty much F'n useless during this whole ordeal. Never will use Ford/Lincoln Credit again. I've always been AHEAD on payments. I pay them that weekend of the week they came in the mail. I asked them, well what is the law in FL for dealers to pay off trades? They didn't know... some idiot CS rep. They basically told me it's up to me to make it paid. They should at least know, state by state approx what the legal law states for pay off. What a rib on their part. They could of at least said, here's your law in your state, I can pull it up and email it to you or tell you what it is, and give you a 10 day grace on reporting due to the situation. They didn't even ask for a bill of sale. So yes, it's on me, but I get them paid within 5 days of receicing the statement and then they can't even give me one F'n day or even give me a tip of how this works in FL. Even after the CS rep said this is very common. So if it's common, why don't you know what the law is in all the states you do business? Or say, well if you fax/email a bill of sale we can offer a 7 day grace period for credit reporting or something... NADA. Thanks Lincoln. I should of paid them the F'n day before the due date. When shizi hits the fan you really see how people operate. I made a payment on a car I don't even have. My dealer supposedly sends in payment that arrived Oct 19th in the morning and it's du the 20th, which is a Saturday. And my lender (lincoln) doesn't know anything about FL law on payoffs and wont' give me one day. F**K both. Cash is king. Titles in the gun safe = better than this BS.
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