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Originally Posted by Joe- View Post
Just getting all the facts here.

1. New Tires were purchased
Q. Were they delivered directly to the garage?

2. You inspected the car prior to taking the keys
3. You informed the front desk of the damage - prior to taking the keys
4. They were willing to repair the tire

5. You requested a new tire
Q. What did they tell you when you asked for a new tire?

Assuming that the above is true, have you contacted tire rack? Most of these places have a contract with tire rack at which point I am sure tire rack has more pull than you do.

If you haven't done so already, contact tire rack and explain the situation and that you've requested a new tire but they are giving you the run around. A decision should have been made on the spot, you are going to tell me no manager was on duty?
1-Yes, new tires were purchased. Delivered directly to my house. I inspected them when they came and before I took them to the shop.

2-I inspect the tires prior to taking the keys. (really was mostly checking the rims). Find the screw.

3-I inform the from desk, owner is gone/technicians are gone. Before he even mentions it to me I tell him that if he is thinking about telling me that they can patch it and call it a day he better not even say. He says it anyways. At b\this point I refuse to touch take the car and request to talk to the owner.

4-He says that they can probably buy a new one.
Then the runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off, doesn't really give me a definite answer.

5- At this point I'm freaking out. I'm thinking "How the F am I going to go to work in the am..." He offers me a loaner from the shop.
As of right now I have not talked to the owner, they were closed today (saturday).

I'll make sure to get in contact with Tirerack if they give me the run around when I talk to him Monday.