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My $150 LED Angel Eye Conversion

First and foremost praise goes to sammy_0559

Last week I went by his place to get my Walnut Shell Blasting done on the car and saw all the crazy stuff he has been working on in his car (Turbos, LSD, Angel Eyes, and God only knows what else and plus I am sure he doesn't want me spilling his secrets) and saw his angel's immediately fell in love with them.

Fast forward to today, he call's me and was like

Sammi: Mo, wanna try the Angel eyes on your car since mine is out of commision

Me: HELL YA, come over, we can put it on.

Sammi: address and I will be there in 15 minutes.

He comes over, we pull the bumper off, pull old lights out, and than install them.

All I can say for a cheap $150 pair of rings from eBay, they worked real well and look amazing in the day time and night time. I have people staring at me

The best part is, this is his set, we are going to do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and unique to the set I have.

Check out his DIY Thread

Now on the pictures of the car

Sammi doing his Magic

Day Shots of the car I grabbed